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Taking care of hardwood or laminate floors can prove to be a strenuous duty. When not done correctly, you can ruin or deplete the lifespan of your floors. At MCC Carpet Cleaning we understand the complexities associated with hardwood and laminate cleaning. We see the value and importance of taking the proper steps to care for your floors. Before we begin any kind of treatment, we will properly seal or take any necessary precautions prior to applying product. After 35+ years of helping countless clients throughout Rancho Cucamonga, Upland and Montclaire we know exactly how to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

Our revolutionary cleaning process uses a high-quality machine and premium cleaning solution that eliminates even the toughest dirt. Our technicians will scrub your floors clean, polish them to a high finish, and anything else we deem necessary. Our mission is to leave your floors even more beautiful than you imagined. We take hardwood and laminate cleaning seriously. If you want your floors to go back to their original condition, we are your number one solution. Even if you don’t have wood or laminate flooring, we can clean natural stone, tile, carpets and rugs! Call us today and don’t forget to ask us about a special quote!

Tips for maintaining hardwood floor:

  • Vacuum and sweep regularly
  • Avoid using wax or oil soap
  • Clean and dry spills as quickly as possible
  • Avoid scratching

Tips for maintaining laminate floor:

  • Use dry dust mop or vacuum instead of a broom
  • Wipe dirt with a cotton clothing
  • Use felt protectors under legs of furniture
  • Avoid wax, soap or detergent-based cleaners
  • Clean spills promptly
Wood & Laminate Cleaning in Claremont
Wood & Laminate Cleaning in Claremont
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